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Tax Controversies

The tax consequences of business and personal transactions are not always clear under the Tax Code. Sometimes ambiguities in the law and facts result in the IRS challenging a reported tax position. Tax preparers and accountants may not be familiar enough with the legal aspects of a complicated transaction such as a contract, trust, or power of attorney, in order to correctly interpret the effect under the Tax Code. In these situations it is helpful to have a lawyer that is experienced in both law and tax.   The lawyers at Woner, Reeder & Girard, P.A. can represent you before the IRS in an audit, in response to an assessment of additional tax, where required returns have not been filed, or there are insufficient funds to pay the tax in full. Our lawyers can also represent you before the IRS in making offers in compromise, providing representation in collection due process hearings, and audits, and negotiating an installment payment agreement.

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