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Litigation is generally the last resort for most matters.  If can often be distracting, time consuming, unpredictable and expensive.  It generally moves slowly.  Alternative Dispute Resolution approaches often are attractive alternatives.

However, sometimes litigation is unavoidable and is in the client’s best interest.  Even when a lawsuit is filed, there is a large probability that it will be settled at some juncture before it goes to trial.  There are many ways to effectively litigate.  However, there is generally a cost associated with each such decision.  We choose to involve our clients by attempting to provide cost benefit analysis for those steps along the way; because we know that the client is the party who must live with the consequences of those decisions.

We understand that most of our clients have a need to be practical.  What that means will vary under the circumstances. We regard our employees and our clients as our most important assets.  We work for our clients and try to foster long term relationships that grow mutual respect and trust and allow us to be most effective when are litigation services are required.

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