Business & Corporate Law

Kansas law allows incorporation for any lawful purpose; business corporations are not limited to the pursuit of profit, although that may certainly be the goal.  Once you’ve made the decision to start a business, one of the most important aspects to consider is the legal structure of your business.  Woner, Reeder & Girard, P.A. has deep experience in advising and counseling business owners, including helping them out of the gate to determine whether they will benefit most as a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or professional association.  Skilled lawyers at Woner, Reeder & Girard can help you establish and maintain this business legal structure, and help you organize your business path:


  • Articles of Incorporation;   

  • Articles of Organization;

  • Bylaws (rules to govern your business);

  • Operating Agreements;

  • Annual reports required by the state;

  • Regular and special meeting resolutions and minutes;

  • Agreements and contracts;

  • Licenses and permits;

  • Employees – hiring and employment laws that affect your business;

  • Purchases and sales of real estate and business personal property;

  • Financing needs;

  • Taxes; and

  • Numerous other business requirements and needs.

Woner, Reeder & Girard, P.A. can also help resolve business disputes. Our lawyers will help you reach resolution by counseling, negotiating, mediating, strategically planning, or litigating as will best suit the problem and your business.

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