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Business and Commercial Litigation

Our firm primarily represents banks and small businesses in various commercial matters and transactions.  These client contacts provide uncounted litigation experiences of all kinds involving business and commercial matters.  We do not limit our litigation to prosecution or defense of such matters.  While we are usually representing the business or the lender, the court, issue and theory of the case can vary immensely.

Many if not most of our bank and business clients pay their own legal fees, which are often not indemnified by insurance or another payment source.  That means that we center our practice on being practical when serving our client’s best interest.  This often means that we are concerned with the question, “How do we go about finding success for our client in the litigation in a manner that will not destroy the viability of our client in the future.”   We do understand that most cases do settle, but in order to settle on favorable terms, one must be prepared to go to trial if necessary.  One settles out of strength.  Mediation is often an important tool to accomplish our client’s best interest. 

We regard our employees and our clients as our most important assets.  We work for our clients and try to foster long term relationships that grow mutual respect and trust and allow us to be most effective when our litigation services are required.

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