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Banking & Financial Institutions

The economic engine of Kansas and the region is fueled by capital which is loaned by Community Banks, Credit Unions and other businesses and individuals.  From putting a transaction together initially, to servicing the transaction to potentially collecting from a borrower, Woner, Reeder & Girard, P.A. is and has been the law firm of choice for over 100 Kansas banks and credit unions for thirty years.

The firm draws on its extensive involvement with Boards of Directors from banks, credit unions and other corporations in order to provide insightful counsel and practical advice to its clients.  The economics of each service opportunity are guided by the firm’s concerted efforts always to deliver the best outcome and the most in economic value to its clients. 

Community Banks, Credit Unions and their respective holding companies look to the firm regularly for legal guidance with mergers and acquisitions, the organization of new banks, help with regulatory matters, due diligence, investigations, strategic planning and general counsel and advice.

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