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Business Succession & Planning

The continued success of a business following the retirement or disability of the senior management requires careful planning. The lawyers at Woner, Reeder & Girard, P.A. offer guidance on succession planning for business owners. Succession planning can involve:

  • the selection, formation, conversion or termination of legal entities such as a limited liability company, corporation, limited liability partnership or family limited partnership;

  • review and preparation of business agreements such as bylaws, partnership agreements, and operating agreements;

  • asset protection;

  • capital and debt restructuring, planned gifting strategies, life insurance, and tax planning for a liquidity event like the sale of the family business.


Our lawyers are experienced in preparing buy/sell agreements which provide a structured framework to transfer ownership of a business in the event of death, incapacity, retirement or divorce. Advanced planning with the attorneys at Woner, Reeder & Girard, P.A. can help to ensure the successful transition of your business to future generations.

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