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Workouts and Foreclosures

We at Woner, Reeder & Girard, P.A. utilize our many years of experience gained through creditor representation, and our understanding of commercial and consumer lending practices, to advise and work for lenders in effecting their legal rights in loan workouts and enforcement proceedings. Our lawyers assist lenders in all aspects of loan restructuring and workouts, commercial and consumer foreclosures, guaranty collection, receiverships, and bankruptcies. We help lenders address the tangential issues that may arise in the workout/foreclosure process, including those involving liquidation of distressed businesses and assets, addressing tenants’ rights, confirmation of foreclosure sheriff’s sales, and security interest enforcement in personal property. We understand that our role in navigating each loan workout and foreclosure is to proactively, expeditiously, efficiently, and effectively solve our client’s credit problem and maximize our client’s recovery.

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