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Real Estate

Most residential real estate transactions close in Kansas without the involvement of a lawyer.  However, oftentimes when commercial real estate is sold, the services of a lawyer are necessary to properly protect the interests of the client.

“Contracts for Deed” is the terminology that is often used for a transaction in which the buyer takes possession of the real estate and pays the seller over time, with an escrow agent holding the deed until the last payment is made.  These kinds of agreements generally should be prepared by knowledgeable lawyers; else the buyer or seller may be taking on risks that neither may comprehend.  The unforeseen bankruptcy of the Buyer can often be a circumstance that can cause uncontemplated loss to a Seller.  It is especially important that the Seller file proper documents with the right agency to legally protect their interests in the property.

Our firm is experienced in sophisticated real estate transactions, and can help with preparation, review and negotiation of real estate matters of all kinds. We also are experienced in working with the city and with Tax Increment Financing matters (TIF).

Occasionally, real estate related problems can turn into nightmares that involve litigation.  Our firm has extensive experience in litigating such matters.  Our firm takes pride in being practical, and trying to resolve litigation in a manner that will not unnecessarily damage the client by the process.  We believe that clients need to be involved in significant strategy decisions, and we try to provide cost benefit analyses to help aid the client in making the best decisions possible.  We often employ mediation to attempt to resolve matters to the satisfaction of our clients.

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