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We practice employment law including contracts, employment manuals, employee counseling, negotiations and terminations.  We represent both employees and employers.  By not limiting our representation to one “side” or the other, we feel that we have the best perspective when we represent our clients of what the other “side” may be thinking or desiring for an outcome.

Empathy – or putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, can often be one of the most important assets that a lawyer can add to a client’s representation.  Having a detached arm’s length view, coupled with an understanding of the other party’s needs or requirements, can often give the client the necessary confidence for making good long term decisions.

There are numerous work-place issues that today’s businesses must anticipate or confront.  Our experienced counsel often can provide additional perspective for effective approaches.

Termination agreements are often used to minimize the chance of wasteful and unnecessary employment litigation.  When that is not possible and litigation occurs, we are experienced in such litigation and again apply our practical perspective of working towards results that hopefully will assure the long term viability of our clients following the litigation.

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